Friday, November 8, 2013

Alpha - the beginning of the end!

Yesterday, soon after numerous weeks of grueling 15 hour (kid you not) days, we ultimately reached a actually crucial milestone here at Frictional Games. It's by far the most crucial milestone we have reached so far and might be the most critical milestone of the entire project!

We have completed creating the Alpha version!
For ALL Platforms! (Windows, Mac and Linux that is)

So what does this imply? In general terms it signifies that we now have a massive chunk of the game done which we can evaluate and draw conclusions from. More especially it implies:
  • All code for tech, tools and game are carried out and what is left is basically polish. Note again that this is for all platforms! Positive, the polish is not an easy factor and can contain a lot of smaller feature additions, but it is a road map that we can manage and program for.
  • We can now, for the first time in practically three years, test the game and see how it actually plays like!
  • We now have all of the design for the game carried out and know with sturdy certainty how we want it to play and how to fulfill that vision. A lot perform remains, but now we know what we are working for.
  • Getting the style carried out also means that we can pinpoint really exactly what needs to be completed and how it ought to be done. This implies that can we now for the 1st time see a finish line and know that we have what it takes to cross it!
This project has been an emotional roller coaster for us at Frictional Games. There have been numerous occasions when we thought we exactly where accomplished for and had to cease producing games. Now we ultimately feel that we have the finished game firmly in our grasp. Hopefully all the sweat and tears we put into this will support create an extra memorable experience for you all to play in a couple of months!

And oh, a lot more entertaining stuff to come really soon!

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