Friday, November 8, 2013

Videos and stuff

Some of you could have missed it, but the previous seven days have been a fairly big deal for Sprout the Game. Final Friday we released our very first video of tree growth!

You can see a couple of little bugs in there- for example, the tree grows significantly smaller than it ought to and the player seems to kind of float up across collision boxes in a couple areas. Still, I think it appears damn good it's actually coming along.

Then, on Monday, we released one more video that indicates to clarify precisely what is taking place in the final video. Confident it's a puzzle, but what is the puzzle? My shaky voice guides the player along and explains how the tree is utilized to clear a gap.

There is two bugs visible in that video, but I will not spoil the surprise. Any individual who finds them and contacts me about them will be paid millions of imaginary dollars. That's actual imaginary dollars!

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