Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Horror Tip: Dear Esther

Name: Dear Esther
Type: Game (Half Life 2 Mod)
Hyperlink: Mod DB page (information + download)
This horror tip is very fitting with final post's discussion on what makes a game. Dear Esther is fairly much a very first person game without any gameplay and only primarily based an a fragmented narrative. Whilst not genuinely scary it has got a really dark and gloomy atmosphere. The game is highly experimental and may possibly feel a bit pretentious at first, but nonetheless really well worth playing. It takes a small over 30 min to complete and offers a really unique encounter.

To play it Half Life two or any of the episodes is required. Download the zip and extract to "steamappsSourceMods". Then start off the game by means of steam.

What did you like this narrative-only kind of gameplay? And would you take into account it a game*?

*Yes, attempting to categorize stuff will always fail at some point, but I nevertheless consider it can develop an fascinating discussion. For the identical explanation that for example not calling pluto a planet is crucial.

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