Thursday, November 7, 2013

Some Changes

The previous handful of weeks have been both intriguing and stressful, like most weeks. But anything diverse has been taking place for the last fortnight.

Specifically, adjustments.

I realized I was becoming too obsessed with the notion of just generating a game and I forgot how essential it is to make certain I am producing a great game. 

The new program indicates the player will have to hold down or tap a button
 to develop plants and other  trees.
I've had to reexamine the game totally, specifically thinking about how to make it entertaining. It is a little far more tough. The punish aspect of Limbo was excellent, but ours doesn't actually have that. The speed of Super Meatboy was automatically thrilling, but our guy cannot run quite quick.

So, yeah, Sprout's a great notion for a beautiful game, but it doesn't naturally enable for a exciting game. So I had to rethink some of the characteristics. Now plants will not develop automatically, the player has to goad them out. A dash function is in the operates. A couple of other new functions. The player will also be in a position to upgrade these attributes by collecting hidden things, though it won't technically be required.

The entire nature of modify is unsettling, but I'm confident this is for the very best.

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