Thursday, November 14, 2013

Looking for Help

New buildings in the background. 
Despite all the superb, amazing, astounding, stunning progress this week, Sprout's Tale has suffered an additional considerable setback that has left us in require of somebody to buttress our forces. The previous couple of months have been relatively demanding on all of us functioning on the game, but not too long ago Matt's faced the brunt of it. With his available time becoming far more and much more scarce, and the end of the year fast approaching, we require an individual else to join us.

I am personally still attempting to piece together bits of code to learn my way around C# in Unity (I've in no way truly been extremely excellent at programming), but all my perform looks terribly, horribly, Frankensteinian.

Right now we're focused on replacing the terrain with something that is going to be less difficult to put with each other in a way that will not show seams and offers a lot more variation. In the picture above, you can see its a bit wonky. That is a lot more my fault than Murilo's, but a number of extended discussions have led us down the path to this choice. Carrying out it this way is also going to give us more opportunity to effortlessly re-texture the very same terrain assets to supply world variation with no possessing to in fact model a complete new batch of meshes.

I am also working on making some minor adjustments to the character controller that's going to enable for really controlled movement across the Z axis at times. In the picture below, you can see that at the far finish of this stage, the player will walk back across to path to have access to background path. It's a bit tricky. How do I move the player across the Z without having taking control away from him or her? If I give manage to the player, how do I justify taking it away when the player is back on our much more traditional "2D" paths?

new house assets for the game
A swift demo level for Sprout's Tale
Now we've got Earth Wind Water and nearly fire. Add some heart (and I've offered it lots) and it seems we've accidentally produced a Captain Planet game.

Effectively, guys, til next time. 

If you know any with experience in C# and Unity and is looking for function, send him our way! 


Also I feel like I've been below-repping our great company logo, so right here it is again:

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