Friday, November 8, 2013

Particle Party!

I've opened this damn document about ten instances in the previous ten days attempting to put words together. I hold telling myself that once we have some content material to release, the words will create themselves.

But we do and they aren't. Lazy words.

The final week's been quite busy. Personally and professionally. Significant changes in the operates on each fronts, even though neither will have an effect on Sprout's Tale. Appear, it really is enough to say I've accidentally worn the very same shirt to operate two days in a row. My mind's a bit complete.

But let's get down to organization. This week, thanks to aid from @PetertheHe, we've observed some fairly significant progress on the coding front. Also, by way of some fairly lengthy discussions with Murilo and Matt, we've gotten closer to placing the correct fire stuff collectively. Murilo spent some hours tweaking the fire particles so we could have something that more fits in with the general look of the planet we are creating.

Particles are exciting!
That is going to be the general shape and look of the fire that surrounds our fire enemy. It will generate light in dark caves and also spread across locations exactly where grass has been grown. This is going to trigger some pretty severe problems for the player in the game and will be the basis of what I feel are some fairly interesting puzzles.

Okay, so now that you recognize that fire is both beneficial and unsafe, let's talk about fire's greatest enemy: Water. Water's been in the books because day 1, but it really is a daunting job, locating a way to function it in with out opening ourselves up to a plague of bugs. This week, we finally made some progress toward bringing functional water into the game.

A cloud produced of particles that rains particles to extinguish particles. 
Clouds can be used as platforms and methods to develop seeds, defeat enemies, and extinguish fires. In the image above, you can see, barely, an early version of the way the rain is going to appear. Rain's going to be a crucial tool in the game, but probably somewhat uncommon. 

Presently, we're operating on receiving tree growth in. After that is perfected, it is going to be a matter of perfecting and optimizing even though we pull the art stuff together. Then? Trailer time.

Thanks for your patience. Stick with us. We won't disappoint you!

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