Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Who Are We? The Producer

For lack of a greater title, that would be me. Sprout is a item of my barely functioning brain and it stayed in there for almost two years prior to I gave it some severe believed. One thing led to another and I had a GDD (which varies wildly from the path Sprout is headed now) written up and a couple of ads out that I was hunting for team members.

Anyway, here's a tiny bit about who I am and stuff.

Name: Tom Murphy
Age: 25
Place: Maryland, 'Murrica

Initial Game: Technically it would have to be Tetris, although getting barely a year old I'm certain I couldn't comprehend anything except that the gray box in front of me created noises (and barely lit up, getting an original Gameboy). Initial conscience experience with a game would have to be Zelda: Hyperlink to the Past, the game that got me into games. 

Favorite Game: Suikoden II for PS1. Hands down the ideal story I have ever study/observed/heard across any medium. Also the music is remarkable. 

Thoughts on Sprout: It is awesome. I do not consider I could have ever imagined that it would turn out as nicely as it is. It really is amazing being in a position to work with Matt and Murilo at bringing this point collectively, and seeing the little guy move around the landscape that used to exist only inside my head- that's fairly an experience.

Preferred Indie Game: This is a hard question. Occasionally it's tough knowing where to even draw the line between indie and, er, not indie. I imply, I liked the heck out of Braid and Fez, but if we can count the Kefling games as Indie I feel I'd give it to them. ...Is Tilted Mill indie? I just do not know anymore.

Also any game that tugs my heartstrings is a winner in my book. 

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