Friday, November 8, 2013

Growing (heh) Our Features

An additional pretty important week for the three of us working on Sprout (and do not forget our Music guys!). For me, it is another annoyingly hard to measure week of organization and planning, as well as common upkeep. This also indicates communicating with the Maryland government about getting my trademark confirmation (Decade Games!), among other things.

So, for Murilo, it indicates putting collectively the animation for Jumping and (hopefully) double jump. Target finish date? Sunday. But we'll see what takes place. Life has this goofy habit of attempting to stop us.

The final frame on a single of a number of animations. That detail...
For Matt, it means fixing the vines feature and starting in on water. Hopefully, it also means finding a way to make the grass seem to move around after it has been grown.

All of us are busy. Occasionally that gets pretty old. Extremely tiny sleep very a lot of function and lots of pestering from me. But I believe I speak for all of us when it feels damn excellent to finish up a task and be capable to show it off to each and every other.

This was all decided on Monday, where we tested an early version of the vine method that utilized one of a number of of Murilo's great new Vine animations.

Also, in case you somehow missed it, the most current vid, while not displaying anything new, offers a modest glimpse at our latest music:

As you can see, we've gone in a much cheerier direction with the latest. In the end, we'll be employing a mix of a lot of moods.


I consider I will leave you with this these days:

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