Friday, November 8, 2013

Horror Tip: [REC]

Name: [REC]
Type: Film
Link(Film specifics):
This is a spanish tiny gem in the "initial individual documentary horror" genre, exact same as the very first Blair Witch film (which I have not seen by the way). Even though quite well-known in Spain, I am not certain how recognized it is worldwide, I feel you will at least know the american remake "Quarantine". I like the original much better, just my opinion.

The movie is shot from the point of view of a cameraman in a fictional Tv show known as "Mientras usted duerme" (While you sleep), as he films reporter Ángela Vidal throughout a usual Barcelona Fire Dept. perform night, till there is a seemingly rutinary emergency get in touch with from an old apartment block. I never want to give away anything further than this, so if you want to know a lot more on the plot, you are adviced to watch the film instead of checking the web for details :).

The actors do a good job, the set is claustrophobic adequate, it really gets to build up really an atmosphere, and apart from some a bit lamish moments, the film delivers in my opinion. Directors Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza also have some a lot more intriguing work, which I may possibly guidance sometime in the future.

Now that the sequel is about to hit the spanish streets (properly, like in some hours truly :P), I recommend you watch this a single, and if you already did, just feel cost-free to go over, but be cautious with spoiling stuff.

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