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10 Biggest Cruise Ship In The World

Entertainment voyages in passenger ships are now becoming a fast moving trend especially in Caribbean, Europe and Mediterranean side. This trend is now a days catching towards southern America and it is predicted that in couple of years northern America will also start considering cruise travel.The world’s top ten cruises ships with relevant facts and figures are mentioned in this article and get in order with gross tonnage. Gross tonnage is actually calculated by measuring a ships volume.

10: Royal Princess
Royal Princess

This eye catching cruise at the port of Hamilton, Bermuda is owned by ‘Carnival plc’. It was built by ‘Fincantieri’ and was launched on 16th august 2012. It is a royal class cruise with the capacity of 3600 passengers and the weight age of 142,714 GT. With the length of 330 meters and beam of 38 meters this cruise is ranked as the 10th largest cruise in the world.

Gross Tonnage: 141000 GT

9: Norwegian Breakaway

Norwegian Breakaway
On 30th of April this year, Norwegian Cruise Line launched the 9th biggest cruise on earth. With the weight of 146,600, depth of 8.30 meters, length of 324 meters and beam of 39.7 meters this cruise can carry up to 4500 passengers and 1600 crew. Norwegian Breakaway was built by ‘Meyer Werft’ and it took its first voyage on 30th April 2013. Its speed is 24.7 miles per hour and it contains 1024 staterooms and 238 suits which doubles the comfort level of the passengers.

Gross Tonnage: 146600 GT

8: RMS Queen Mary 2

RMS Queen Mary 2
This beauty was built by ‘STX Europe Chantiers de l'Atlantique, Saint-Nazaire, France’ and its cost was $ 900 million. It is owned by ‘carnival plc’ and was launched on 21st march 2003. It is registered for the port of Hamilton, Bermuda with the capacity of 2620 passengers and 1253 officers and crew. With the length of 345 meters, beam of 41 meters and height of 72 meters this is the 8th largest passenger ship in the world. It is the first passenger ocean liner in the world that is specially designed to run through the oceans.

Gross Tonnage: 148528 GT

7: MS Independence of the Seas

MS Independence of the Seas

Registered of the port of Bahamas, Nassau, Bahamas and is built by Aker Finnyards, Turku, Finland. This $ 828 million cruise is operated by Royal Caribbean International. It is in service since 2008 with the capacity of 4370 passengers and 1360 crew members. Length of 338.95 meters, beam of 56 meters and weight of 154407 are some of its specs. It runs at a speed of 24.9 miles per hour.

Gross Tonnage: 154407 GT

6: MS Liberty of the Seas

MS Liberty of the Seas

Another cruise built by ‘Aker Yards’ and owned by Royal Caribbean International. It costs $ 800 million and is in service since 18th of May 2007. Its speed is 24.9 miles per hour and has the capacity of 3634 passengers and 1300 crew members. It is registered for the port of Nassau, Bahamas. Weight of 154407, Length of 338.91, beam of 56.08 meters and draught of 8.53 meters are some of its important specs.

Gross Tonnage: 154407 GT

5: MS Freedom of the Seas

MS Freedom of the Seas

Royal Caribbean International owns another cruise with same builder and specs. It was laid down In November 2006 with the cost of $ 800 million. It is registered for the port of Nassau, Bahamas. This one also has the capacity of 3634 passengers and 1300 crew members.

Gross Tonnage: 154407 GT

4: Norwegian Epic

Norwegian Epic

Norwegian Cruise Line launched world’s 4th largest cruise in 10th July 2009.STX France Cruise SA, Chantiers de l'Atlantique shipyard, Saint-Nazaire from France is the builder of this cruise. Its length is 329.45 meters, beam is 40.64 meters, depth is 21.6 meters and weight is 155873 GT. It has the capacity of 4100 passengers and 1708 crew members. Its speed is 25 miles per hour.

Gross Tonnage: 155873 GT

3: Quantum-class cruise ship

Quantum-class cruise ship

Meyer Werft has built an oasis class cruise ship for Royal Caribbean International this time. It is bigger than its past cruise with maximum capacity for passengers of 4905. It will be in service in fall 2014. Some of its important specs are, weight is 167800 GT, and length is 348 meters, beam 41 meters. This will be the third largest cruise in the world just when it will be launched.

Gross Tonnage: 167800 GT

2: MS Oasis of the Seas

MS Oasis of the Seas
Completed in October 2009, this is the oasis class cruise with the capacity of 6296 maximum passengers with 2165 crew members. This is also owned by the Royal Caribbean International and is made of $ 1.4 billion. 361.6 meters of length, 60.5 meters of beam and weight of 225282 GT, all bigger than previous models this stands at number2 in the world’s largest cruise.

Gross Tonnage: 225282 GT

1: MS Allure of the Seas

MS Allure of the Seas

Here we are, with the world’s biggest cruise ship. This is made of 1.2 billion US dollars in 2006 and the owner is again Royal Caribbean International. 6296 passengers and 2384 crew members are the total capacity. Its speed is 26 miles per hour and its tonnage is 225,282 GT. Length of 362 meters, beam of 47 meters height of 72 meters, depth of 22.5 meters and draught of 9.3 meters makes the biggest and the best oasis class cruise in the world. It includes two deck dance hall, theatre with more than thousand seats and an ice skating ring.

Gross Tonnage: 225282 GT

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