Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Self, Presence and Storytelling

At GDC final week I gave a talk named "The Self, Presence and StoryTelling". There will be a version of it up on the GDC Vault in two - three weeks I feel and hopefully it will be free like final years' talk. Just before that comes up I will put up a pdf version of the talk containing a bit more details (something I promised at the end of my talk). You can get hold of that right here:

Download "The Self, Presence and Story-telling"

Get the mobi version here (thanks to Tomasz Rozanski for creating this).

The paper is generally a summary about a lot of the stuff that has been written on this weblog. It is an attempt to define a new design strategy that makes it easier to make games that can deal with a wider range of themes and let you play all the way by means of. I would be very exciting any feedback you got as I would like to maintain the document updated and revised if there are any new insights or any info in it that is no longer accurate.

EDIT: Proof-read the paper a bit and created a small bit more readable.
EDIT2: Mobi version now obtainable.

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