Sunday, October 13, 2013

10 Transcontinental Countries

ten: Chile


Continents:South America and Antarctica

Chile also recognized as the republic of Chile. It is the South American Country but it also claims to have 1,250,000 Square Kilometer of land in Antarctica. The name of Chile comes from the Native American, which means “Ends of the Earth”. Chile is very wealthy in minerals, forests and landscapes. It is 1 of the most stable nations in South America.

9: Indonesia


Continents:Asia and Australia

Indonesia is officially known as the Republic of Indonesia, located in South Asia and Oceania. The name of Indonesia drives from the Greek word Nesos, which means “Island”. The nation has 17,508 islands. Indonesia is the sixteen largest economies in the world. It is the founding member of ASEAN and also the member of G-20.

8: Greece


Continents:Europe and Asia

Greece is officially called the Hellenic Republic or Hellas, positioned at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa. It is a developed country with a very higher regular of living. Greek is a founding member of United Nation. The name of Greece came from Latin word Graecia, which signifies "The Land of the Greeks".

7: Panama


Continents:North America and South America

Panama is officially called the Republic of Panama. It is the bridge amongst North America and South America. Panama is divided into nine provinces. It is a single of the quickest increasing economy in the world and the third biggest economy in the Central America. Panama ranks fourth amongst Latin American nations in term of Human Development and 54th in the world.

six: Azerbaijan


Continents:Asia and Europe

Azerbaijan is officially named the Republic of Azerbaijan. It is one particular of the six independent Turkic states. Azerbaijan is the land of lovely landscapes. This nation has diplomatic relations with 158 countries and hold membership in 38 International Organizations. Azerbaijan is divided into ten financial regions, 66 districts and 77 cities, of which 11 are under the direct handle of the republic.

5: Georgia


Continents:Asia and Europe

Georgia considers a sovereign territory under the Russian military occupation. The name of the Georgia is refers to St. George, Georgia’s patron saint. The Georgian railway is an critical link amongst the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, as nicely as the shortest route between Europe and Central Asia. Georgia's economy is based on Solutions, Agriculture, Transport and Truism.

four: Kazakhstan


Continents:Asia and Europe

Kazakhstan is officially known as the Republic of Kazakhstan. It is a nation in Central Asia, and the smaller part is in Europe. Kazakhstan is landlocked country and Share five borders with China, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. The territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan makes it the ninth biggest country in the world.

three: Russia


Continents:Asia and Europe

Russia is officially known as the Russian Federation. The name Russia is come from Rus. It is a Federal Semi Presidential Republic. Russia is the largest country in the planet, covering much more than One particular Eight of the Earth’s land area, and shares land borders with 14 countries.

2: Turkey


Continents:Asia and Europe

Turkey is officially referred to as the Republic of Turkey. It is a democratic and secular nation with diversified culture and traditions. Turkey is situated at the junction of Europe and Asia and is bordered by eight countries. The larger region of Turkey is positioned in Western Asia, and Eastern Thrace located in South Eastern Europe.

1: Egypt


Continents:Africa and Asia

Egypt is officially known as the Arab Republic of Egypt. This is one particular of the most ancient places on earth. Most of its territory lies in the North Africa, and from the north east it lies in the Middle East. Egypt's economy depends on tourism, agriculture, business and solutions.

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