Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Uninvited Guest; Livestock Upset

So I just came early to function right now at 22.00 and located the front door to our warehouse ajar. Considering that possibly some of our pets had escaped, I became a bit worried and very carefully entered our damp dwelling.

Carrying a meat hook (somebody forgot to tidy up last evening?) I walked down to the cellar and saw that there was a mess at a single of the table. There where also strange sounds coming from the cages and I had to use the cattle prod to calm the critters down. I counted them all twice and all stock seemed to be in location, enabling me to take a sigh of relief (we utilized to be six folks in Frictional you know!).

Then I noticed that some of our notes, parchments and scrolls exactly where missing. A thief! I also identified a match lying in the mud on the floor, confirming that (most likely) one particular of the a lot of hobos had sneaked in. This sort of confused me although, because I thought they learned their lesson last time in a very tentacular way. It was also strange that they would take papers I was not aware that they could read (maybe nature called?).

Oh effectively. Now it is back to operate, have some stuff to disect and refine. Just wanted you all to know abut this shady company in case you hear something!

Hmm.... now exactly where did I place my important salts?

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