Thursday, October 24, 2013

Horror Tip: Slender

Slender is a brief horror game really equivalent to Hide. You stroll (or run) about in a monotone atmosphere hunting for notes, while there is a scary monster hunting you. Like Hide it is interesting to see how a basic setup can create a truly spooky expertise. The graphics are practically nothing unique, the music is simple moody droning and the sound effects are of no wonderful quality. Nevertheless, taking all with each other and place in an interactive space, it gets a lot a lot more immersion than what you would expect. I consider this is a fantastic testament to the energy of interaction to develop a sturdy sense of presence in way that is much tougher to achieve in any other media.

The game only lasts for handful of minutes, which is very good simply because there is so little to do that any longer would most surely break the spell. This tends to make me wonder what would have to be necessary to make an expertise like that last for one particular to two hours. Adding also a lot would likely lower the sense of dread, so 1 would have to be careful in lengthening it. Hope an individual attempts to do this.

Some other stuff worth noting:

- The game hides the mechanics that govern how the monster hunts you down and what makes you ultimately get killed. I consider this was a good move as you are cost-free to make up for yourself what happened. (Bound to only work on the very first play-by way of even though, but that does not have to be a poor issue).

- A lot of the creepiness is induced by way of sensory deprivation. You mainly only see the identical vague shapes over and over and it is not lengthy until you start off to think about things.

- It is interesting how powerful the tunnel vision produced by the flashlight is. There is just some thing about obtaining these large chunks of your vision pitch black that make you unnerved.

Advocate you all to give it a go!

Mac  (alternative)
(there is no official website as far as I am aware)

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