Monday, November 4, 2013

Moving Along and All That

We've all been quite dang busy the previous few weeks and in the very best achievable way. For anybody watching, we've been creating leaps and bounds in progress and I've just about gotten the first level taken care of. Murilo's got plans to fancify the whole point, but I cannot say that that'll occur prior to or following our initial trailer/demo push. 

Speaking of which, it's coming along. We're spending occasions performing smaller issues now like perfecting fairy noises, and drawing up maps for the tutorial and all that. I've been doing a lot of reading about how to appropriately balance action in a sidescroller, so hopefully I will be able to put some of that into practice. One of my biggest fears is spending all of this time and work and accidentally winding up with a dull game. 

Generally, attempting to stick to a chaotic pattern of story, obstacle, jumps, obstacle, story. But, ya know, a lot more random than that. If any of you have any pointers, lay em on me. 

The difficulty with becoming also close to the material I guess.

I never actually have a ton to say about anything so I'll just post the video and some screenies:

Demo level construct shows rain, enemy movement, enemy killing, light alterations, and level transfer.

Fixing a bug in Sprout's Tale
Obtaining some difficulty with enemy behavior. 

Juxtaposition of cartoony and terrifying
Generating some progress on the enemy model!
Sprout's Tale opening
Obtaining back to the game's roots, you'll as soon as once more commence by climbing
your way out of a hole in a mountain.
That is all for now. Please do not overlook to comply with, watch, like, share, and so on. Thanks!

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