Monday, November 4, 2013

Sprout's Tale- 1200+ Views in 24 Hours?

I had posted to Twitter final night that we had gotten 200 views in a matter of hours and I believed that was fairly impressive. I had no thought the torrent of views that was going to come from a thread created on Reddit final evening that reflected the type of low down thoughts state that I typically get myself into on Mondays.

Usually, a excellent day about here is about one hundred views over 24 hours, so you can think about the size of my smile when I saw we'd gotten 1200+ in single day.

I got a lot of responses to that thread yesterday, most individuals had been becoming really polite and useful. Typical lines of guidance were "Overlook Xbox" and "Market place like mad." Effectively, okay. I'll do my ideal.

For any of you who saw this yesterday and did the miraculous deed of returning these days, I am afraid I do not have anything new to provide. If you saw that post, you've already seen this video:

Of specific interest right here is the new jump animation. There's one thing a tiny wonky with it, although I haven't been capable to location it but. Just FYI, we'll be performing a double jump animation for this as effectively, so never be concerned about that. Not to mention climb, cast, die, respawn, and much more. Stay tuned and as constantly, thanks for reading. 

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