Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Business of Life

Items have been quite dang chaotic lately. Pressure at the old day-job is mounting, and it coincides really Murph-ily with our deciding to adjust factors over into Unity. What this causes, mathematically speaking, is "Double Pressure Unfun Occasions."

June 14th continues to casually creep its way up into my life, taking 1 sly step at a time, as we the team at Sprout scramble to produce some kind of playable demo before the show. For poor Matt, it indicates getting to virtually fully redo all the code he's completed so far. For Murilo, it signifies operating on new terrain pieces as we move into a correct 2D style, and coming up with a host of new background pieces.

For me it indicates redoing the levels completely, locating new framing for each "stage", and rewriting our story progression. Which, to be honest, is a bit of a relief. One thing had gotten lost in our progress and I really feel a bit of the heart behind the game had somehow dissolved away in the production.

Yes, that is correct, we're going to alter the story a bit. Into the more abstract. With no revealing anything critical, I can at least say that our visual style and progression is set to match the all round arch of these paintings by Thomas Cole. If this appears too pretentious, I apologize. But I adore these paintings and I go to check out them at their house in DC at least twice a year. They ~speak~ to me.

And I hope that, via this game, I'll be in a position to do anything similar with the folks who play it. Connect to them in a actual and sincere way.

As far as Nintendo goes, we'd actually like to be in a position to create for the WiiU, but it comes with some complications. Particularly, the price. I can not don't forget how much of this is public understanding, but for the sake of security, I'll not disclose the exact quantity but I will say it is far more than we currently have in the price range.

Nintendo in basic is a excellent spot for us to look at for three basic factors. In their history, a lot more than any other console platform, they have shown time and time once again a willingness to attempt experimental and innovative games. In this way, they grow to be the excellent platform for Indies. They also seem to be pushing especially for a development in their Indie scene now, and getting in there at the beginning can only serve to aid us.

The third explanation is maybe less logical. I occur to be an old fan-boy searching to get back in the game. Meanwhile, Murilo is a massive Zelda fan. In reality, when I was initially seeking for artists for Sprout, it was a particular image he did of the Witch's hut from Hyperlink to the Past that had attracted me to him.

Also I had an old buddy test our level recently and was pleased to see it took him almost 45 minutes to complete. The poor guy was positively puzzled by our puzzles!

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