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Birth of a Monster. Part 1.

(The following was supposed to be an report in a Russian magazine, but was never published. So due to the fact of that, I decided to post it on the blog alternatively. It was written in June 2010 by myself, Jonas Steinick Berlin and Olof Strand. Jonas and Olof had been operating as contractors for Frictional Games at the time. )

Creating Unspeakable Recommendations
by Thomas Grip (Frictional Games)

The following article outlines the procedure of producing a creature model from scratch for our very first particular person horror game Amnesia: The Dark Descent. It will go via the fundamental thinking that went into the design of the enemy, how the concept photos exactly where produced, how the mesh was constructed and finally how it was place into the game. For this function we employed two extremely talented external artists and they have themselves outlined how their horrific creations came about below and it a future component. Ahead of moving on to their operate even though, I will detail the pondering that went into the fundamental style of the creature.

When creating a horror game, producing positive that the antagonistic creatures are properly made is an very important issue. 1 desires to make sure the player faces one thing that feels frightening and operates with the game's atmosphere and story. One more essential aspect is to make confident that the enemy fits with gameplay. Specific movements might be needed and it demands to match, size-sensible, into certain environments and situations. Ultimately you need to have to make confident that it is within the constraints of the obtainable sources, some thing that is genuinely critical for tiny organization such as ours. Obtaining these three guidelines in thoughts I will now walk by means of the method of coming up with the core specifications for the enemy codenamed “Servant Grunt”.

My favored way to go about when producing a creature is to take anything normal and then add a disturbing twist to it. I also wanted some type of character that the player could easily project agency to and believe it has motivations, imagining it more alive than it may well really be. Simply because of this I decided that we use some kind of human or at least humanoid entity, which is a shape that is easily recognizable (no other animal walks like a human) and which we all assume have feelings, desires and motives.

The problem with possessing a creature which gets the qualities of a human projected on to it, is that the player will also assume it is intelligent. Simply because game AI is notorious for carrying out stupid factors, this could very easily break immersion. Getting enemies do basic tasks like opening doors, avoiding obstacles and investigating strange noises in a believable human-like way is extremely difficult to do. Therefore, we had to have anything in the style that hinted of stupidity, producing it portion of the immersion have been the enemy to do some thing silly. Generally this implies making something zombie-like, but I genuinely did not want have something that cliché. This imply that I wanted the creature must appear and feel stupid, yet nonetheless be as far away from a zombie as feasible.

Avoiding clichés is usually anything that ones does to preserve items fresh, but in horror games a lot more is at stake. It is vital that the player does not really feel familiar with the dangers faced as it drastically decreases fear and tension. It is when we are unsure about anything and not capable to predict or makes sense that accurate terror truly emerges. For instance, when constructing one of the game's maps, there was a vast distinction in perceived horror in between employing an old, familiar enemy model from Penumbra (our previous game) and the new 1 discussed in this article.

Gameplay-smart the main constraint was that it had to stroll in some human-like fashion and not crawl or move on all fours. This because we wanted to have a base collision that could very easily match into a cylinder, making it easier to code. For the very first Penumbra game, we had dogs as the major enemy which, due to the fact they where 4-legged, caused tons of issues. Anything we wanted to stay away from that this time around. Creating confident implementation of the enemy is basic ties into saving sources. It was essential that we did not want to have too a lot of unknown aspects when creating the enemies. By making positive that most of the game's components exactly where familiar to us, we could significantly less complicated assure that we kept to the timetable and could spend time on polishing other parts of the game instead of trying to discover AI bugs.

It was really not till all of the above was determined that I began to figure out the story behind the creatures. This is not often the way we do it in our games, but this time it match really properly. Our basic story designs only referred to the enemies as “the servants” and did not speak considerably about their appearance or exactly where they came from, so I had a lot of freedom to make a fitting background story to the recommendations. The finalized idea was that these “servants” were in fact beings from beyond that had been summoned into bodies of humans. As soon as inside humans, they did their best to deform the host into a physique that they are utilised to control, shattering bones, tearing flesh and generating cancer-like growths. This in turned resulted in a scene where the player witness how some humans below excellent pain are taken more than, showing how designing graphics can shape the story, as well as the reverse.

With these standard recommendations completed, I contacted Jonas to commence on the concept art.

Conceptualizing the Horror
by Jonas Steinick Berlin (pudjab [at] hotmail [dot] com)

Thomas gave me virtually complete creative freedom. The simple guidelines have been that it had to be a humanoid and practically nothing like regular zombies, "The Infected" in Penumbra: Black Plague or the creatures in Dead Space. It need to also match the the story of demon-like creatures taking more than human bodies and be super creepy. Apart from that, I was totally free to do quite considerably what I wanted.

This was my 1st character design and style for a commercial game, so I was a little bit shaky. The great freedom was both fascinating and very overwhelming. So numerous selections! I first researched and got inspiration from uncommon anatomy, images 18- and 19th century clothing (the time in which the game requires place), surrealistic paintings and numerous disturbing stuff.

I then continued brainstorming and did a lot of tiny quick sketches of character silhouettes and diverse faces. I truly wanted to keep away from stereotypes and do some thing special and memorable. Each and every single doodle got assembled on a collage and I then showed it for Thomas. He said which components he liked and from that I went on and designed anything a lot more detailed. At this time I had a design and style in my head that I truly felt would be perfect. I drew it down with specifics, colors and lots of love. The outcome was one thing of a hunchback with intriguing clothing fitting the era and a truly grim face. This is ideal I said to myself! Excited I showed it for Thomas. Nevertheless, I rapidly got knocked down to earth once again when he mentioned that it looked also funky and resembled “Grodan Boll” (which is a character from a Swedish children's book taking the type of frog). I got instructed that I ought to keep away from the cartoony style and make anything a lot more realistic, some thing that you nearly could locate in true life. Thomas also believed that it ought to have a lot much less clothes.

The initial batch of sketches. Contains the infamous “Grodan Boll” (“Frog Ball”) on the proper. (Click to enlarge.)

Right after this setback I began placing a lot of attention on the head of the character. I think this is the part of the human body that you can make the most disturbing since of the emotions it can show. I instantly chose to give him a crushed jaw with parts of skin hanging down and eyes with dilated pupils which pointed in distinct directions. Thomas approved of this and I moved my concentrate to the rest of the body. Critical here was to get the feeling of a demon possessing a body that it was unfamiliar to. The creature need to try to deform the body into a, according to its own twisted requirements, more familiar form, breaking bones and bending joins while performing so. It ought to also have accidental injuries and be held together with bandages and ropes.

The produce is starting to shape up and the design and style of the head has been approved. It is not but decided what to do with the reduced jaw even though (an problem discussed till the quite end). (Click to enlarge!)

Simply because of the lack of clothing we had a discussion about showing genitals or not, but quickly scrapped that thought soon after we realized that it would be greatest not to tease the rating systems also a lot (this turned out to be a non-concern as other component of the game show /Thomas).

Clothes have been determined to be practically nothing but a handful of bandages. Also began studying how the head may appear viewed from the side, which turned out to be not a basic task. (Click to enlarge.)

One thing that was difficult to choose was the final look of the left hand. It had to be deformed in some way, but but be usable and in a position to be utilised as a weapon. I did at least ten diverse arm styles ahead of coming up with anything that we could use. For instance I did an arm in the shape of snowballs with spider fingers and 1 arm twisted in a spiral, with its bones pointing out. The final hand-style was a lot more of a claw with bony fingers that we thought would be ideal for both scaring the player and give a very good scratch on the back.

Before settling on a final design and style, a lot of diverse version had been attempted. The left arm was the most troublesome part and changed a lot. (Click to enlarge.)

When I did the detailed final idea I began by drawing it up traditionally with a pencil. This may not be the most successful way to work (due to the fact it tends to make it tougher to do large modifications and also caused undesirable coffee stains), but I really feel much more in handle this way and uncover it easier to do the smaller particulars. Soon after that I scanned it and rapidly colored it in Photoshop making use of multiply layers. I first attempted a bluish skin tone, but it produced it really feel also much like an alien, so I changed it to a much more desaturated a single, warmer colors with components of purple, blue and yellow to develop a pale corpse-like look. At this point it didn’t really feel too specialist and had to go over the notion with Photoshop to add the final touches, such as highlights, noise removal and sharpening. The Photoshop-file ended up having forty plus layers, most of them containing modest and unnecessary alterations. Absolutely nothing I suggest, because of the insane file size, but this time it did the trick and I managed to convince Thomas the idea was completed.

The art was now carried out and could now be employed by the modeler to generate the actual 3d asset.

This was the final sketch of the enemy. Soon after this was completed I started painting it digitally. (Click to enlarge.)

Final concept for the enemy. Note how the decrease jaw has been removed, something that was made following the whole character was fully colored.

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