Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hiring: Level Designer Wanted

Frictional Games, the creators of Amnesia and Penumbra series, seeks a Level Designer for a new game project. Taking what we learned from our earlier games we aim to take horror and interactive story-telling to the next level. We are hunting for a talented individual to assist us style and implement this vision.

Primary Responsibilities:
  • To take creative decisions on how puzzles, events, layout are to be made.
  • By way of scripting implement gameplay in a level.
  • To place sounds, tweak lighting and equivalent things to create atmosphere.
  • Communicate with writers and artists on how to accomplish the objectives of a level.
  • Provide feedback on design and style recommendations and implemented gameplay.

Operate conditions:
The job will be carried out on a distance so you require to be in a position to work from residence. This implies you should have a rapidly world wide web connection, robust work moral and live in a timezone near the Swedish 1 (which is GMT+1). If you are not living in Sweden, you should also be capable to invoice (or at least be prepared to set this up). The operate atmosphere at Frictional Games is really open and you need to have to be capable to schedule your own time and take initiative when essential.

Needed qualifications:
  • Possessing developed and implement gameplay for a industrial game or a released mod/indie project.
  • Progressive view on video games and a will to evolve the medium.
  • Exceptional understanding of game design and style for adventure games and immersive simulations.
  • Very good enough coding capabilities to implement your ideas.
  • Experience in operating with 3D level editing application.
  • Good understanding of lighting and architecture in 3D scenes.
  • In-depth understanding on how to generate an interactive narrative.
  • Not be shy of learning new things and operate in areas out of your comfort zone.

Further Qualifications:
  • Expertise in writing fiction.
  • Expertise in 3D modeling.
  • Expertise in the horror-genre.
  • Interest in science and science-fiction.
  • Knowledge with Fmod and/or sound-editing.
Send your application to Attach your CV to the mail, but provide links for other files or pictures.

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