Friday, November 1, 2013

Humble beginnings of the HPL Engine

I recently stumbled upon some actually old videos with gameplay tests in the HPL engine and decided they would be fun to show off. This was not our initial foray into 3D very first person horror (Unbirth was), but it was the initial time the the HPL engine was utilized. All of these are gameplay videos are from a student project then know as "The Hatch" and later became the "Penumbra Tech Demo".

6th of December 2005 - First Gameplay Test
I had now been functioning on the engine from scratch given that late July, so a little more than 5 months. It is exciting to see that most of the important interaction attributes are in at this point. The sound system for the physics is truly pretty much the identical we have utilized till Amnesia. Jens is the a single who recorded this.

7th of February 2006 - Improved Gameplay Test
The engine is now a small bit much more refined, mostly with interaction and speed I consider. I think that the portal visibility system got added during this time (I truly don't forget that I came up with a resolution in the parking lot when acquiring groceries for Christmas). Recorded by Jens as effectively.

23rd of March 2006 - AI Test
The 1st suitable AI test. It now has all the basic systems in, pathfinding, hearing and so on. Most of these features in fact survived till Amnesia as effectively (and nevertheless use some variants). It is great to see how the AI works with the physics and shoves the door open as you attempt to close it. Interestingly, this creature has the most complex pathfinding we have employed so far because it had two separate approaches of moving about. I recorded this myself and the resolution is so crappy because my personal computer was unable record and play the game at the identical time otherwise.

4th of April 2006 - Sort of Proper Gameplay
Pretty considerably all attributes necessary to power the gameplay in the tech demo is in now. I consider I recorded it.

The final version of the tech demo can be located here.

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