Sunday, November 3, 2013

Logging Progress- Weekly Updates

In case any of you have somehow missed this tiny truth, the group creating Sprout is what I like to refer to as an "e-team". I am sure there's some sort of ridiculously frequent term for this type of arrangement, but I'm perfectly pleased just referring to us as "The E-Group."

What this implies, besides the truth that we drive around in a van fighting crime in the 80s, is that all of our function is completed over the world wide web. In truth, the 3 of us have never even met face-to-face. In the globe of Indie-Gaming (and almost certainly Indie-something), this structure is not entirely distinctive. There is a entire wealth of amazing talent out there in the planet, and the world wide web provides the ideal opportunity of bringing them all with each other. 

While that sounds Utopian and ideal, this situation does come with its personal challenges. When working in an office, collaboration is considerably less complicated. If you want to work with a particular person on anything you just look around the workplace and say "Hey, I want to operate with you on some thing." On the world wide web, this is most effectively completed by means of e-mail. 

I will get into the particulars on how our group operates in later posts, but for now, I want to introduce you to what has turn out to be component of our weekly ritual. I get in touch with it, the "Progress Doc". 

As stated, all of our communication and function and file sharing is handled by way of Google's incredibly beneficial Drive service. In this case, the Progress Doc is a spread sheet that, every single Monday, each group member has to update. Here's the layout with the very first week:

As you can see, in the very first week, Murilo and Matt got absolutely nothing done. Before you begin thinking ill of them, even though, hear this: They weren't with the project however! 

Yeah, so put that gavel down. 

But you can see the document is relatively straightforward. Each and every Monday you go in and write two-3 sentences about what you worked on and what you achieved in the course of the previous seven days. At the top, in red, our your overarching targets that coincide with another document listing the project's main Milestones.

Anyway, the idea now is that I'm going to begin displaying you the Progress Updates every week so you can adhere to along as we work towards finishing our eventual Masterpiece. 

Oh, have I described how ridiculously, amazingly, shockingly beautifully our game is turning out? No? Properly, it is turning out to be truly ridiculously, amazingly, shockingly, beautiful. Seriously. 

Here's this weeks updates:

If you have any distinct queries about game style or E-Team management or how to appropriately set a table, please leave a comment! Or ask on twitter! Or ask on Facebook! Or ask on G+!

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