Sunday, November 3, 2013

Our first video and the future!

So, by now these of you who are following along will have no doubt currently noticed our video, but just in case you know nothing about it: Sprout the Game released a video!

It might be lacking in the sort of excitement that a complete-on trailer has, but we want to explain our progress to you as we make it. The idea is to introduce you to one of our most helpful tools, our level editor, and show you what precisely is involved in getting even the most quite easy elements of the level to function.

As we get further and further along into our improvement, we'll be confident to show you lots much more videos about how every thing works and why and how we do it!

So what's ahead for this week?

-Background assets for the game's initial globe!
-Some new functions worked into our editor indicates more screenshots for you
-More puzzle styles and lots of headaches!

Let me know if you have any concerns!

Sorry I adore exclamation points so significantly, but it really is really the only reasonable way to convey my excitement about the whole method. I seriously grin the whole time although just writing a weblog post.

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