Sunday, November 3, 2013

What is Sprout?

Character probably to adjust. Hat to stay the exact same.
So first a tiny info, correct?

In this game, you'll be taking manage of a strangely-hatted character and traversing right through a lifeless planet. Your goal is fairly simple- make the planet gorgeous again. Develop grass, trees, bushes, flowers and other plants to build a planet exactly where life can thrive.

On the way, you'll be fighting some monsters of course. Not to mention poisonous air, landslides, giant menacing (possibly even evil) boulders, and other none-to-type components.

If all goes according to program you are going to quickly be playing a relaxing, gorgeous, and mentally challenging side-scroller on your Xbox within about 6 months.

So- What's carried out so far?
  • Level editor is functional and nearing completion (aka perfection thanks to our extremely  talented programmer)
  • Early level assets are approaching completion and beautification (everything our artist does is thoughts-blowingly beautiful)
  • Initial hour of gameplay laid out and prepared for implementation
  • Team is properly-fed
Updates to come on a normal basis, even when I have practically nothing to say or show!

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